Our Venue:

Grace the Plains Episcopal Church

6507 Main Street
The Plains, VA 20198

6507 Main Street
The Plains, VA 20198

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Please contact us by email for group discounts. Groups of 10 or more receive 10% off.


Hero/Margaret/Conrade Danielle Bendjy Danielle Bendjy
Claudio/Oatcake Jacob Joseph Rivera Jacob Joseph Rivera
Leonato James McKenzie James McKenzie
Friar/Verges Jason Guerrero Jason Guerrero
Don Pedro/Seacoal Joseph Wilson Joseph Wilson
Somarone/Dogberry JP Gorski JP Gorski
Benedick Justin Meyer Justin Meyer
Hero/Margaret/Conrade Kelly Monteith Kelly Monteith
Beatrice/Borachio Marieke de Koker Marieke de Koker
Don John Sonia Bronder Sonia Bronder
Ursula/Sexton Kirsten Nordland Kirsten Nordland


Beatrice/Borachio Olivia Currier Olivia Currier


Music Director Dr. Lisa Bloy Dr. Lisa Bloy
Stage Director/Production Manager Dr. Lori Lind Dr. Lori Lind
Stage Manager Mallory Furgal Mallory Furgal