Our Venue:

St. David's Episcopal Church

43600 Russell Branch Parkway
Ashburn, VA 20147

43600 Russell Branch Parkway
Ashburn, VA 20147

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Iago’s ambition, Cassio’s naivete, Desdemona’s carelessness and Othello’s jealousy set the course for one of Shakespeare’s most tragic plays. Combined with Verdi’s masterful musical setting, its status as a masterpiece is undeniable. Set in the island kingdom of Cyprus at the apex of the Republic of Venice, Othello is a powerful Venetian general who has just triumphed against the Ottoman Empire to win control of Cyprus for the Republic. His new bride, Desdemona, is waiting in Cyprus, as are his faithful officers, but one of them has plans for revenge that threaten to destroy Othello’s happiness, and shatter his tenuous sanity.

Performances run approximately two hours and thirty minutes, including one intermission.



This season is sponsored in part by:


Hero/Margaret/Conrade Danielle Bendjy Danielle Bendjy
Claudio/Oatcake Jacob Joseph Rivera Jacob Joseph Rivera
Leonato James McKenzie James McKenzie
Friar/Verges Jason Guerrero Jason Guerrero
Don Pedro/Seacoal Joseph Wilson Joseph Wilson
Somarone/Dogberry JP Gorski JP Gorski
Benedick Justin Meyer Justin Meyer
Hero/Margaret/Conrade Kelly Monteith Kelly Monteith
Beatrice/Borachio Marieke de Koker Marieke de Koker
Don John Sonia Bronder Sonia Bronder
Ursula/Sexton Kirsten Nordland Kirsten Nordland


Beatrice/Borachio Olivia Currier Olivia Currier


Music Director Dr. Lisa Bloy Dr. Lisa Bloy
Stage Director/Production Manager Dr. Lori Lind Dr. Lori Lind
Stage Manager Mallory Furgal Mallory Furgal