How You Can Sponsor the 2023-24 Season

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If you are interested in underwriting the season as a major sponsor, please contact us to discuss the package that best suits your organization or business, with benefits to match your wishes. To become a season underwriter, make a gift of $1000 or more.

Please contact us

Let us know what you have in mind! Fill out our Contact Form or call 443-226-8270. One of our team members will respond ‘tout de suite’ with next steps.

Ready to advertise? Click here. Follow the directions, pay the amount chosen and a team member will be in touch ‘quick as you like’ with next steps.

Thank you for your considered support of Shakespeare Opera Theatre, and best to you and your organization in the future!

Dr. Lori Lind
Managing Director
Gene Allen
Maggie Ramsey
Melissa Chavez
Isabella Umberger

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Please contact us by email for group discounts. Groups of 10 or more receive 10% off.


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