Our Venue:

Church Of Our Redeemer

39518 John Mosby Highway
Aldie, VA 20105

39518 John Mosby Highway
Aldie, VA 20105

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Bottom Michael Harris Michael Harris
Titania/Hippolyta Elizabeth A. Keith Elizabeth A. Keith
Puck/Philostrate Cassandra Newman Cassandra Newman
Peter Quince Theodore Sapp Theodore Sapp
Oberon/Theseus Gregory Stuart Gregory Stuart
Peaseblossom Clark Furlong Clark Furlong
Mustardseed Roane Furlong Roane Furlong
Snout Jen Furlong Jen Furlong
Starveling Caroline Colvin Caroline Colvin
Flute Vitaly Mayes Vitaly Mayes
Hermia Erika Straus Erika Straus


Lysander Vitaly Mayes Vitaly Mayes


soprano Jen Furlong Jen Furlong
soprano Caroline Colvin Caroline Colvin


Managing Director/Conductor Dr. Lori Lind Dr. Lori Lind
Assistant Conductor/Chorus Master Dr. Lisa Bloy Dr. Lisa Bloy
Costumer Sadie Albert Sadie Albert
Scenic Designer Catherine Heller Catherine Heller
Fight Choreographer Kristin Pilgrim Kristin Pilgrim