Our Venue:

St. Thomas Episcopal Church

8991 Brook Rd.
McLean, VA 22102

8991 Brook Rd.
McLean, VA 22102

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Composed for CBS television in 1951, Amahl and the Night Visitors’ heartwarming tale became an instant Christmas classic. Join Shakespeare Opera Theatre’s Orchestra and Singers as we present this meaningful story of overcoming hardship, seeking redemption, and the true meaning of Christmas. The determination of three wise men from the East, a young boy, and his mother, make this one act opera a thoughtful treat for the entire family.

Q & A, treats and fun art projects for kids will be available after Saturday matinees and Sunday performances.

Performance time 55 minutes, no intermission



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Hero/Margaret/Conrade Danielle Bendjy Danielle Bendjy
Claudio/Oatcake Jacob Joseph Rivera Jacob Joseph Rivera
Leonato James McKenzie James McKenzie
Friar/Verges Jason Guerrero Jason Guerrero
Don Pedro/Seacoal Joseph Wilson Joseph Wilson
Somarone/Dogberry JP Gorski JP Gorski
Benedick Justin Meyer Justin Meyer
Hero/Margaret/Conrade Kelly Monteith Kelly Monteith
Beatrice/Borachio Marieke de Koker Marieke de Koker
Don John Sonia Bronder Sonia Bronder
Ursula/Sexton Kirsten Nordland Kirsten Nordland


Beatrice/Borachio Olivia Currier Olivia Currier


Music Director Dr. Lisa Bloy Dr. Lisa Bloy
Stage Director/Production Manager Dr. Lori Lind Dr. Lori Lind
Stage Manager Mallory Furgal Mallory Furgal